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Make your proposal unforgettable with an amazing selection of engagement rings. At Crown Diamond Jewelers, we understand the importance of having a ring that not only looks good but it is also comfortable & durable enough to last a lifetime.

We’d love to help you find the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands for your big day!

Where can you buy, sell, & trade your Gold & Silver, Diamonds, Precious Gemstones, & Watches?

Crown Diamond Jewelers’s highly trained staff specializes in buying, selling, and trading jewelry, high end luxury watches, and much more. Our knowledge and day-to-day dealings puts us in a unique position to provide an accurate value for your valued pieces.

We Buy & Sell Estate Jewelry

Crown Diamond Jewelers specializes in the acquisition and sale of fine pre-owned, estate, and antique jewelry. Our expert team is dedicated to meticulously examining and appraising your jewelry pieces. We have a keen interest in acquiring one-of-a-kind pieces, settings adorned with high-quality stones, exquisite diamond settings, and premium estate jewelry sets that hold significant appeal for both collectors and investors.

Within the realm of estate jewelry, we categorize pieces into distinct styles such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro, or Victorian, with further subcategories enhancing the diversity of our collection. Crown Diamond Jewelers is well-equipped to assist you in identifying the specific type of jewelry you possess and providing detailed assessments of the stones, metals, and craftsmanship quality.

In determining the value of a piece, various factors come into play, including the age and historical significance of the item, any prior repairs undertaken, and the presence of missing stones. Our comprehensive approach ensures a thorough evaluation, guaranteeing that you receive accurate insights into the true worth of your cherished jewelry.

Our Values

We value our customers and believe in long lasting relationships. Our customers are sacred and we uphold our promise.

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